Mercy death

Just the other day I died a little a lot again and again
right here on the floor while Leonard Cohen stole my breath
with his holy irreverence streaming in Live from London

He was the light and the crack and the bird on a wire
I was Suzanne with the tea and the oranges

I was the tear in the raincoat and he was the rain
running unchecked down the stalwart walls of my Berlin
which we took after Manhattan which we happened to be in

And with nothing to break my fall I fell
into the lap of sweet mother darkness,
and I thought: surely my heat by which I meant to say my heart
will kill me if I don’t make me some real fucking love

And unable to bear it for one second more,
and with no one around and with nothing in store
I made love to the world making love back to me
and then Leonard Cohen brought me my tea

If you come upon me in such state on the floor
I have one thing to ask and then nothing more:
whatever you do and whatever you take
for the love of all mercy don’t resuscitate

By me, Heidi Fischbach

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