A facebook friend’s status line said: “Write 500 words on what you are at your most happy, prosperous and healthy. Amazing fun. Do it now.” I do so love receiving simple direction. Here goes!

At my most happy I am calm in my heart and belly even when my mind is a-buzz with ideas which I can hardly wait to write.

I am at ease and filled with joy. I look forward to the future and don’t regret the past. I sleep like a baby. I have amazing and creative dreams.

I have nothing to lose and I do what I love. I don’t mind failing over and over again because I’m doing what I love. Everything is a success because I do it for its own sake. I am not needing your approval but am simply doing what I love and putting it out into the world.

At my happiest I have friends in person and all over the world. Friends that come to my gatherings. Friends that meet me for tea or a drink. Friends that I pop in on just to say hi. Friends I go skinny dipping with. Friends that hold me. Friends that laugh with me. Friends that cry with me without worry or freak-out. Friends that get me.

At my happiest I feel completely free and am doing absolutely nothing out of obligation or guilt, or fear of hurting anyone.

At my most prosperous I am at ease. I feel the support of the ground below me and the generosity of the air I breathe. I feel cared for and caring. I feel safe and held by the world.

At my most prosperous there is enough to have the meal plus the appetizer plus the glass of wine plus the dessert plus I can pay for the other person. Or hell, the entire group. I am openhanded openhearted. I have left over to pass along or do with what I want. To give huge tips. I surprise all my friends and family. I leave people totally anonymous no-strings-attached gifts. I sign up for all the awesome classes I want. To study anything, anywhere I please. I pay in cash.

At my most prosperous I rent a zip car whenever I want to go wherever I want. I take vacations. I travel and am free. I have 10 massage clients a week and can raise my price when people are pounding down my door. (And I get a 90 minute massage every week, at least).

At my most prosperous I write write write. I have written and published a book that continues to bring me unexpected joy and income. I have finished my play and it’s being produced in cool theatres around the world. And I have a website with a rocking blog and a lovely community of people that read and comment.

At my most prosperous I move into a simple lovely place where I can have a dog. And an awesome kitchen. And a lovely room of my own to write and muse. And a porch with a swing and enough chairs for all my friends.

At my healthiest I eat meals that I prepare with love and delight or I go out to eat and in my prosperity I order exactly what I want.

At my healthiest I get fresh air and movement every day. I do not need to compulsively check the internet or anything else. If I am online it’s because there is a good reason, even if that is simply delight and joy.

At my healthiest I am not thin and not fat, and I have me some nice delicious curves. I love my body. I love my hair. I love my newly arriving wrinkles. I am sexy as hell and I do not try to hide it.

At my healthiest I smile openly and warmly without shame. Without holding back. My body and mind feel balanced. I express and I receive, all the time giving and taking as if in a dance.

At my healthiest I laugh a lot. And I cry freely without holding myself in. At my healthiest I am an open yet mysterious and exciting book, never quite finished…

So bring it on, Baby.
Bring it on, Life.
Bring it on, Heidi.
Bring it freaking on.
I am here.
Here here! Ho!

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