to hold it in
to feign interest
to play games
to say yes when I mean no
to say no when I want to say yes
not to play
to not adore my ex
to let lack of a bathing suit keep me out of a body of water
to wear tight shoes
to not write a love letter when the heart is bursting
to multitask
to try
to not go on a road trip every couple years
to diet
not to always carry a pen
to close my mind
to use a boring font (like this one!)
to not notice
to watch commercials
to listen to shpeels
to sit through sermons
to have an agenda
to believe anything
to define God
to pretend
for blah blah blah
to wait
to not have someone work on the crink in my neck
to worry about the wrinkles around my eyes
to pose

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