Wherever I happen to be, at any given moment, gifts are there for the noticing. Even circumstances that on first blush look unfortunate, can be loaded with gifts.

I open my laptop, spill my drink, and make two new friends. On my left and on my right people jump up to help. One saves what’s left of my half-emptied cup. Another laughs and jokes over what I might otherwise see as an annoyance.

I tell the good people behind the counter that I spilled my drink. Not only do they bring a mop to clean up my mess, but a drink exactly like the one I’d just spilled, whipped cream and all, is set before me.

I receive my gifted drink and notice smiles of amusement around me.

The bench I sit on supports me, as does the ground below that. Never once has this dear Earth I walk upon told me that I’m too much for it, too heavy, or too anything at all. Its support is mine for the receiving.

At the store I invite my dear mom to choose the paper carton of eggs rather than the styrofoam. My mom seems to care that I care and takes the carton.

Life keeps giving. So generous, so kind. And how kind of me to notice.

Something gives, something receives. An unexpected joy to notice.

Giving happens whether or not I notice but noticing opens my hands much more quickly to give, and to receive, again. And noticing is my gift to me.

I notice how many gifts I never even had to ask for. Santa Claus in so many guises, all year round. And I didn’t even make a list.

How are you today, my friend? Wherever you are, how are you? How goes the receiving of the free gifts around you? If it’d give you joy to tell me, why, I’d love nothing more than to hear.

Receiving the gift of you and so gratefully yours,


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