Time Capsule Thursdays, in which I pause and notice. And write down what might otherwise go forgotten. And am inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Gratitude” (in What Do We Know). And do my own little tradition inspired by Havi Brooks’ Friday Chicken.

What was most tender?

What did you notice?
Manna: I have just enough. No more, no less.

What astonished you?
Three yellow birds at Danehy Park. (Anyone know their name?) They had a bit of black in them too. It’s been so humid, gray and rainy going on two weeks, those 3 birds were a flash of joy.

What made you happy?
This email:

Dear Heidi, Billy Collins is happy to give you permission for limited use of “Marginalia” as you request it below. Many thanks, Sara

—>First podcast, ever, here I come!

What made you come alive?
The poem that pounded down my door. I gave it a pen and let it have its life.

What frightened you?
I was invited to imagine my future: where will I be, who will be around me, what will I be doing 10, 20, 30 years from now and at the time of my death. All I could see was blank. And I didn’t like how my mind interpreted that.

What did you think was happening?
The neural pathways I’ve been traipsing are being torn up. I feel lost.

That’s this week’s slice of life, my friends. Feel free to join in with noticings—big or small, happy or sad, old or new—of your own. (One request: kindly withhold from offering advice. Thank you.)

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