Time Capsule Thursdays, in which I pause and notice. And write down what I love. And choose life. And get curious. And am inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Gratitude” (in What Do We Know). And do my own little tradition (with a hat tip to Havi).

Italicized* questions are from Mary Oliver’s poem

What did you notice?*
This tree. How it keeps growing through the pavement. First I thought, where there’s a will there’s a way.

But maybe it’s more like where there’s a way there’s a way. That seems a whole lot kinder. And much less likely to cause a hernia on account of overexertion. Because, willing growth? Pushing and pulling for something to change? Exhausting. But allowing it to follow its way, maybe even through and around seemingly impenetrable concrete? Joy!

What made you happy?
Today! Four clients! Two new, two old. And how much I love what I do. I love touching people, listening to people, noticing people. I love meeting them and their bodies exactly as they are. And inviting space for what wants to come, what wants to change. It’s fantastically wonderful for me.

Whom did you appreciate?
My friends at Havi’s Kitchen Table. I was remembering how they helped me quit a massage gig that was making me cry every week last winter. And look at me now: 4 clients on my own in a day. Thanks my KT peeps!

What astonished you?*
This bunny at Danehy Park. I was coming ‘round a bend and there he was! (Or maybe she!) We had a stare down for several minutes, until someone else came ‘round the bend and sent the bunny scampering off into the tall grass.

What amazed you?
That there is still rain to be had. Seriously, we must be coming on 40 days and 40 nights.

And also? Squirrels. Especially the highwire chases they do on the telephone lines outside my window.

What did you hear?*
Thunder. Oh my gosh, I do love storms. Big-ass storms make me feel nothing short of glee. Is that weird? Good.

What surprised you?
I looked up and caught a reflection of myself musing by the window at the bookstore and it made me smile. At me. And I had to take a picture. For you. (I love all the layers reflected in the glass. Oh and that’s Porter Square Books, my awesome little indie bookstore in, yes, Porter Square, Cambridge, MA)

What was most tender?*
My dearest heart.

That’s this week’s slice of life, my friends. Feel free to join in with noticings—big or small, happy or sad, old or new—of your own. (One request: kindly withhold from offering advice. Thank you.)

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