A weekly Time Capsule, of sorts, in which I pause and notice. And write down what I love. And notice all the reasons I don’t want to die before my time. And get curious. And am inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Gratitude” (in What Do We Know). And do my own little tradition (with a hat tip to Havi).

Italicized* questions are from Mary Oliver’s poem

What moved you?
A team of players of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes at Danehy Park. I didn’t notice they were challenged in any way till I noticed the white-haired man’s prosthetic leg. Right next to him was a boy of about 6. And a girl of about 10. And a boy of 16. And and… They were playing baseball with a tennis ball and racket with such joy and passion it choked me up.

What was most tender?*
The dimples and the smile of my friend P. I love him more than ever AND I’m willing to see him love and be loved by another. I look forward to it, in fact. May he find an awesome, loving, adorable, kind-hearted, smart, affectionate, geeky, creative and rockin’ babe! (she says, sometimes crying and sometimes smiling).

What was most wonderful?*
Realizing how happy I am that the overdose 15 years ago didn’t work. Each passing day brings more joy.

What did you think was happening?*
I was clearing out more wreckage from the past.

What inspired you?
This TEDtalk on music and passion by Boston philharmonic conductor Ben Zander

What scared you?
The thought of ending up alone. Forever. (I know, silly. But hey.) The thought of him ending up all alone. Not sure which is scarier: me alone or him alone. Wah!

What woke you up in the middle of the night?
My dream of policepeople chasing a bear up and down a street to tire him out.

What did you think was happening?*
I’m trying to set boundaries. Sometimes it feels like one hand is gripping while the other is opening. And sometimes they’re both open. And sometimes I’m not even thinking about it ;)

What would you like to do again?
Run under the cloud sprinkler at the park.

That’s this week’s slice of life, my friends. Feel free to join in with noticings—big or small, happy or sad, old or new—of your own. I would luvluvluv that!

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