A weekly Time Capsule, of sorts, in which I pause and notice. And write down what I love. And notice all the reasons I don’t want to die before my time. And get curious. And am inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Gratitude” (in What Do We Know). And do my own little tradition (with a hat tip to Havi).

Italicized* questions are from Mary Oliver’s poem

What did you notice?*
The sincerity of a sigh.

What did you hear?*
Little sounds my clients make as they begin to relax

What did you appreciate?
My faithful window fan whirring and whispering of summer and life

What did you admire?*
The patience of corn stalks growing in the fields

What astonished you?*
The unpretentious beauty of our moon.
(What is it about August moons!)

What would you like to see again?*
My love not holding back.

What was most tender?*
One young client’s aching back.

What did you hear it say?
“No need to try so hard, sweetheart. You’re doing just fine.”

What surprised you?
Writing in the midst of desolation, and having Kindness write back.

What broke your heart?
Noticing that my clinging was killing what I most love.

What made you cry?
Telling my friend to not wait for me.

What did you think was happening?*
The hell if I know! I give up. “Uncle!”

What made you happy?
An unexpected exchange on facebook prompted by, what else: the moon.

What inspired you?
Oh yeah. You know it. Our moon.

What else did you luvluvluv?
Mint, fresh mint. I made fresh cool mint tea with it.

OK. One more. What else did you love?
My clients: so different one from the other. So brave, all. So human and beautiful.

Um, I need one more. Just one, I promise!
Nick Drake’s Pink Moon.
Remembering how fragile and strong our lives are and that sometimes our scars are our strongest most beautiful parts.

That’s this week’s slice of life, my friends. Feel free to join in with noticings—big or small, happy or sad, old or new—of your own. Until next time, noticing…

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