Happy freedom day. I’m on my way to North Carolina to visit my sister and her 3 kids with my mom… should be interesting, to say the least, the faces from which I will see myself reflected back to me. I’m looking forward to seeing my 2 nephews and my newest little niece the most. I just got back on Monday from helping P. move from Halifax to Montreal. We loaded up a big—I mean BIG!—truck (U-haul had run out of the most appropriate size) and hitched up a trailer for his car and set out across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and into Quebec. I do love road trips and this one did not disappoint as adventures go: the truck, that is, and all the new places and sights… it was quite fun being high up there on the highway, and I discovered that truckers have these sweet little signals they give each other with their lights to help them know when there’s enough space for them to merge back into the flow when they are passing each other. I called it “the wink”. “Look! He winked at us!” I might exclaim, delighted. And so I have discovered a new appreciation and fondness for trucks and truckers, whom I’d always rather feared and mistrusted on the road. And so, here we have yet another thing to add to the list of previously misperceived, misinterpreted, mallaligned … ahhh, the list grows.

I continue to awaken ever so slowly. At least that’s how I’d say it today, right now, since I just did. Awareness comes unexpectedly and can never seem to be forced, though being open and ready for it seems a nice way to be “in waiting”… My life goes on and in some ways not at all as I’d expected. I keep glimpsing this vast, infinite realm of being and freedom. I see that all my dramas and questions and apprehensions and fears and hopes are such little specks in this vast timeless something-for-which-there’s-no-word. Do you underst,and? What a funny thing life is, even in the asking of such a question as: “do you understand?”… silliness. But oh i do so love connecting and understanding seems a part of that.

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